Monday, 22 November 2010

My ideal home

A big thank you to Ellie Tennant, Deputy Ed Shopping Ed and Home Shopping Spy at Ideal Home for picking my handmade Liberty print cushion covers for Ideal Home magazine's Christmas Gift Guide

There's a certain irony in my being featured as I'm terribly organised when it comes to designing and making gifts for other people to give to each other but I never get round to making clothes, curtains or cushions for myself.

My ideal home would be full of hand-made cushions, upholstered seats and patchwork quilts.  Yet the cushions on our beaten up but beloved Chesterfield are shedding feathers and a desperate for new covers and I haven't had time to buy a single Christmas present - not even the smallest stocking filler. 

And my god-son and god-daughter have only just got their birthday presents (from June and October respectively!). 

Perhaps making more for myself should be my New Year's Resolution!

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  1. I adore them....I shall add them to my list for Santa!