Tuesday, 1 February 2011

farewell Mark, welcome back Millie

I have finally used my last metre of Liberty's pink paisley Mark.  I had to cut it extremely carefully but have managed to get a baby romper as well as a baby hat and a baby headband out of it.   (Hat pics coming soon - reversible with Milo - adorable).

 The very last offcuts have gone to a lovely customer, Becky Warwick, who turns them into wonderful Isla Baby products like products like these Valentine cards using Liberty Millie.  (I've just reordered a roll of Millie from Liberty which is one of my original and favourite prints).


  1. Such dear little cards. I love them!

  2. She's terribly clever isn't she? Have a look at her website - lovely things. http://www.islabbaby.co.uk/Islabbaby/Home.html