Wednesday, 9 February 2011

how to tie a bow

 My handmade Liberty print bridesmaid dress collection was inspired by a visit to the V&A Grace Kelly exhibition with my Mum in the summer.  Nearly every dress had a beautiful big bow on it. 

But when it came to actually tying the bows I had a nightmare.  My Mum (a couture dress-maker) reassured me that she used to have exactly the same problem - which used to exasperate her boss who had to tell her over and over again.  She patiently taught me and left me with example bows but every time - ribbon in each hand I'd nearly be in tears.  She lives in London and it's not easy to explain over the phone. 

(I do wonder if it's a dyslexia type thing.  Mum has dyslexia and though I have no problem with my reading I'm terribly in the car with left-right directions, as my husband will testify.)

But by the power of You Tube I've discovered this fabulous video by this American gentleman's outfitters 'How to Tie a Bow Tie'.  It's brilliant and I could listen to his gentle accent forever.

So for any customers - this is how you do it!  Simple.


  1. A bowtie knot is the same knot as a shoelace knot – practice tying a shoelace knot on a shoe that you're not wearing and you see it is the same! The only difference between a shoelace and a bowtie are the funny ends on the bowtie which need some tweaking after the knot is tied.

  2. Aah but dear anonymous what you don't realise is that because I struggled to tie my shoelaces as I child, my cousin Phillip taught me to make two loops and tie them together which I still do! (Age 37)